Dec. 26th, 2012

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Happy Day After Christmas! And happy Yuletide! I've made it through the first part of the alphabet, thanks to the pit of lethargy that is my mother's house :) And here are my recs so far:

Choice of Broadsides!! And Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Babylon 5, Anne of Green Gables, Kavalier and Clay, Holmes on Homes on Cthulhu, Bend it Like Beckham, A Wrinkle in Time, Downton Abbey, and 12th-century history )
ladybird97: (Jane Austen)
More Yuletide recs!

Start Rushing Towards the Skyline, Mad Men. I love stories that let silent characters speak, and we hardly ever get a chance to hear what's going on in Trudy's mind. It's much darker than you'd think, and you can see Trudy starting to become Betty.

Macdonald Hall Runs for Parliament. What do you do when a York turkey runs for Parliament? Form a committee to stop him! The adult versions of everyone felt completely right, and all of the Canadian politics references felt right, too. I miss Canada!

There exists a Michael Buble Being Stalked By a Velociraptor Tumblr. That is all.

The Circus Life of Bailey Alden Clarke, Proprietor, Night Circus. I'm always torn between wanting a sequel to this book and wanting the original to stand Just As It Is, so I'm mixed on fic, too. But this story is lovely, especially the scene with Bailey and his grandmother.

Deus Ex Machina, Quantum Leap. Ziggy POV! Weird and wonderful.

Unreal Until Experienced, Slings and Arrows, with a drop or two of Strange and Norrell. Because the theater is magic, especially Shakespeare, and so is love.


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