Dec. 26th, 2014

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Greetings from Mom's house, where I have been busily working my way through Yuletide stories! Here are some recs.

The best comes first: two absolutely hilarious Great British Bake Off stories!

First, The Malteser Falcon,, for [ profile] longwhitecoats, whose request I happened to see and desperately hoped someone would do. And here it is! Sue is a noir detective, Mel is her secretary, Mary is the crime boss known as The Pastry Queen. THIS IS HILARIOUS. Great comic timing, perfect cooking metaphors, a little romance, and an appearance by one of my favorite past contestants.

Second, The Classified British Bake Off. EVERYONE is on the Great British Bake Off! The Leverage crew investigates Black Widow, Molly Weasley incorporates her sons' candies into her cake, Abbie Mills tells off Paul (and teams up with Greg Lestrade) while Ichabod grumps nearby. Oh yeah, and there's some Star Trek and Hannibal, too. Trust me, it works. It hits every single note that you want it to hit when these characters are in a story together. There is an awesome fight, hilarious banter, some moments of TOTAL CRACK, and some actual good cooking. Plus, Mary says 'soggy bottom' a lot.

And now on to the rest!

Having Been Broken, Alphas. After the Season 2 finale, the team tries to move forward without Dr. Rosen. It's Gary's POV, which I appreciate - I especially like his voice at the beginning.

Pink Elephants On Parade, Kavalier and Clay. Sammy and Tracy go to see Dumbo, but what this story is really about is images and art and the way that nothing is what it seems, but sometimes that's okay. Beautiful language in this one.

Chicken Money, Anne of Green Gables. Lots of Anne of Green Gables stories this year! This is my favorite, because it gets the tone of Matthew, Marilla, and little Anne absolutely right. The conversation between Matthew and Marilla at the beginning is especially wonderful.

Love is Friendship that has Caught Fire, Bend It Like Beckham. Jess/Jules, tagged 'Food as Metaphor for Love.' Deeply funny, deeply sweet, and with incredible emotional authenticity.

Where The Streets Have My Name, Discworld. Sam Vimes feels disoriented in the country, until he meets Tiffany Aching. The Ankh-Morpork superhero comics are worth the price of admission, but this story also has some very Pratchett-esque emotional depth mixed in with the humor.

Harriet Approved, Emma Approved. Adorable scheming, funny misunderstandings, meddling matchmaking, a sweet Harriet POV, and excellent shoes - everything I want in an Emma Approved fic. Hell yeah!

With A Girl Like You, Endeavour. More Jakes than I ordinarily want, but in a story set after 'Neverland,' there has to be some resolution with Jakes, and it's very very good resolution. And anyway, this is mostly Monica POV, which is absolutely wonderful. She's smart and perceptive and competent and practical, and her own agenda comes through.

Learning the Rules, The Goblin Emperor. Maia learns how to play chess, and is just as adorable and insecure and full of integrity as he always is.

The Banishing of Winter, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Spinning off of a brief mention of the Raven King's banishing of winter, this story has pseudo-academic commentary, economical storytelling, and lovely winter imagery. Perfect and beautiful.

Diabolical Disturbance, Keeping Up Appearances. Hyacinth Bucket hears Something outside her window, and will stop at nothing to find out what it is!


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