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Happy New Year from Kingston! I'm back home and very tired, but very happy to have done all that I have - and even happier to have seen all the people that I have - over the last week.

Because I am too tired for a real post, here, have some more of the Yuletide recs that I've been saving up! I haven't even had a chance to go through all of my other friends' recs, let alone the whole archive, but here are a few more:

On the Ancient Debacle at Tergeste, recommended to me by [ profile] velvetmouse. Gentlemen of the Road, Michael Chabon. A prequel story with a perfect ear for the style of the original

And I'll No Longer Be a Capulet. Christopher Marlowe lived, and went to Venice, and kept writing and loving and spying.

The Woosteriad. Glorious crack, in which Jeeves and Wooster start the Trojan War…IN SPACE! I don't even know one of the canons that this draws on, but it doesn't matter because it's hilarious

Parable Haroun and the Sea of Stories. "Stories are life itself, and as long as there is life there are stories to tell about it."

Say it Without Saying It, Mad Men. The best of the Mad Men fics this year, because it was the only one that, well, said it without saying it. It's a series that's built on people not saying what they feel, after all. Plus, it's full of Don and Peggy and the creative process, which I love.
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