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First, some nepotism! I was a beta-reader for these stories:
Miss Scarlet, In the Hallway, Without the Revolver, Clue. What if Miss Scarlet were the FBI agent, not Mr. Green? Hilarious, snarky, and full of love for the movie. 

Making Headlines, Singin in the Rain. It takes the movie's threesome subtext and makes it text...and then has the trio mess with the media. Funny and creative, with great attention to the physical comedy of the original.

And here is a story for a friend:
A Wisdom to Offer, for toftfroggy. Abelard, Bernard, and Hitchhiker's Guide. Brief and HILARIOUS.

And now, the general recs!
- Mascot, Agents of SHIELD. Utter fluff! The team finds a puppy; adorable hilarity ensues.

- In Sickness and in Health, As Time Goes By. Gotta represent for the obscure British sitcoms! The characterizations are great in this one - Jean gets over-anxious and over-organizing in exactly the right way, and Alistair's voice is perfect.

- The Haunting of Albert Mayfair, The Bone Key. Kyle Murchison Booth investigates a haunting that hits far too close to home, and helps lay old ghosts to rest. Beautifully spooky and true to the original in the way it shows how Booth has become so accustomed to burying his emotions deeply that he has trouble bringing them to the surface.

- Doppelganger, Brave. Merida is NOT a Disney princess. Really really not.

- Expertise, Brave. Hilarious sibling interactions, and a great irreverent Merida-voice

- To Begin With. Jacob Marley goes missing from A Christmas Carol, and Thursday Next has to go into the story herself to sort it out. The puzzle-pieces of the plot all click together satisfyingly at the end, and along the way there are lots of fun characterizations and a deep knowledge of literature.

- Certainties, Pratchett's Discworld. Vetinari tries to cheat Death. Full of Pratchett-esque footnotes, humor, and emotional depth that jumps up to surprise you.

- Seducing a Certain Delicious Prospect, Fallen London. The Intimate of Devils storyline, rewritten from the POV of the devils. They've actually written out an interactive story that plays out just like Fallen London! 

- Incunabula, Strange and Norrell/Peter Wimsey crossover. There's more in the library at Duke's Denver than most people suspect.

- All Politeness, Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Darcy POV, that night at Carter's. He's texting, and it's super-important! But, even better, the subtleties of Darcy's perspective are very skillfully done.

- The Theodorakis Guide to the Heirs of North America, The Westing Game. Chris's POV, in the years after the game. I love the internal monologue, and the way the author shows how perceptive and intelligent he is.
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