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After more than a week of travel, I am BACK in my own place! It was great to go places and see people, but it is wonderful to be in my own space, and I spent much of last evening doing the Finding Nemo seagull "mine! mine! mine!" around my apartment.

I have also spent some more time reading Yuletide! Here are some more recs.

Holiday Help. Love Actually, Good Omens, Mary Poppins, It's a Wonderful Life. Super-cracky, funny, and sweet. Angels are always especially busy around Christmastime...

The Reflective Refractive Blues, Middleman. Mirrorverse Lacey needs Realverse Wendy's help. Excellent banter, snappy one-liners, funny pop-culture references, and everything that made the show fun. (EDIT: Oh, hey, my recipient wrote this one! No wonder we were a good match.)

Careless Talk Costs Lives. Sort of a Much Ado About Nothing / Bletchley Park crossover; mostly a love story about British codebreakers in WWII. Smart and creative.

Sugar Stains and a Hangnail Moon, The Night Circus. In the Labyrinth, after the end of the book. Absolutely gorgeous - I don't think I've ever read a Night Circus fic that captured more of the lyricism of the original.

New York Below, Neverwhere. The second part is mostly relationship talk, but the first part is a tantalizing glimpse of New York Below, and it makes me love and miss New York

It Came from Outer Space, Northern Exposure. When I started reading it, I was thinking, 'hm, I'm not sure if I'll remember enough about the show to really appreciate the story,' but the author matched the show's tone so well that as soon as I read the first paragraph, everything came back to me. Every character's voice is perfectly done! Chris's mellow philosophizing and Marilyn's stoicism are the absolute best.

From the Case Files of Dr. Samuel Beckett, Quantum Leap/Mary Russell crossover. Al leaps into Mary Russell near the end of Holmes's life. Immensely sad and beautiful, about aging and loss and empathy.

Le Silence de Roman. I'd lay good odds that I know this author, because they know Old French :) A story about love and identity, drawn from a medieval French poem about a crossdressing woman knight. (This story envisions Silence as transgender; it's been so long since I've read the original that I can't remember how the poem represents Silence's gender identity, so I don't know what's the fic-author's addition and what's in the original.) It's carefully written in all ways - it creates a thoughtful story and characters, and it even keeps to the rhyme and meter of the original!

A Scandal in Brichester, Study in Emerald/Sherlock crossover. Great worldbuilding and character voices, with excellent nods to the Conan Doyle original. (Warning: contains sex and violence, as well as creepy Cthulhu things, as you'd expect from the source material)

The Archivists, Sleepy Hollow. There were FORTY-EIGHT Sleepy Hollow fics this year! Many of them are Ichabod vs Modernity scenes, and this is one of the funniest.

Matched Set, Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod vs Modernity at IKEA! Plus, great Jenny-and-Abbie interactions, and the author agrees with one of my pet theories about the show.

Down the Rabbit Hole, Sleepy Hollow. What pop culture does Ichabod like, and why? [ profile] retsuko, you especially would appreciate this one! If you didn't write it yourself, that is...
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