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Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all, thank you! I'm already happy and flattered that you would write a gift for me.

All of my previous posts about Yuletide are public under my Yuletide tag, so you can see what kinds of stories I've received, written, and liked in the past.

Here are my fandoms, characters, and ideas.

1. Sleepy Hollow, Macey Irving and Jenny Mills.

I love almost all of the Sleepy Hollow characters, but these are two that I'd especially like to see more. I love Macey's irreverent sense of humor; I love Jenny's resourcefulness; I love watching both of them assert themselves against society's attempts to marginalize them.

Here are a few possible scenarios that I'd like to see:
a. a missing-scene story from that episode near the end of Season 1 where Jenny was assigned to look after Macey. What happened? How did they get along? It would be awesome for these two to have a supernatural adventure of their own - I'd love to see them as a crimefighting duo!
b. some more exploration of how Macey felt at the end of Season 1 during and after the time when she was possessed. I was really disappointed that the focus of the story shifted so quickly to Frank's reaction rather than Macey's own experience. How did she feel about having her mind and body taken over? What happened afterwards? What has she been doing to help herself recover?
c. All of the above! Jenny and Macey become friends and have adventures, then Macey turns to Jenny for advice/distraction/help after being possessed.

2. Being Human (US/Canada)
My favorite thing about this show was the core friendship between Josh, Aidan, and Sally. I loved the way they all supported each other and made a little home for themselves. I loved the little domestic moments of roommate-hood: Josh cooking, Aidan organizing, Sally hovering. The message I took away from the show was that being human means making connections with other people, and that being human doesn't necessarily mean being mortal.

Some general things I'd like:
- stories that have a good Boston flavor. I've got family in Boston, and so I've spent a lot of time there. Something that plays with Boston culture past or present would be great.
- stories that push the title harder. What else is being human about? This question was implicit in a lot of the show's action, but I'd like to see one or more of the characters thinking about it more directly.
- relatedly: something about cooking/eating as it relates to humanity. I'm thinking of things like Josh's need to cook even though he's the only one who eats, and Aidan's glee in food when he was briefly human. Plus, I just like cooking, and I thought Josh's perpetual cooking was adorable, so a story about cooking and eating would be great.

Some more specific stories that I'd like, although Optional Details Are Optional:
- Nora/Brynn. For me, the most interesting time for Nora's character was when she realized that she really liked being a werewolf, and had to struggle with what that meant. Was she still a good person? Was she still herself? A lot of those struggles and questions were tied up with her relationship with Brynn, because Brynn embraced, encouraged, and accepted Nora's wolf side. And yes, I saw more than just friendship in that relationship, which added another whole layer of complexity to it, considering the ups and downs of Nora's relationship with Josh. Also, I never really believed that Nora killed Brynn - when Nora returned and said that Brynn was dead, I thought that Nora was either mistaken, or lying about Brynn's death for some reason (maybe to protect her?) and kept expecting Brynn to show up again.

So I'd like to see a story exploring the friendship/romance between Nora and Brynn: the way they connected through their wolf natures, Nora's conflicted feelings about her wolf nature and her love for Brynn. It could be about what they did when they were offscreen together, and/or what happened to make Nora either believe that Brynn was dead or pretend that she was, and/or what would happen if Brynn came back several years later.

However, I'd prefer not to have any explicit sex or violence. (Yes, I realize that I'm requesting a story about a romantic relationship between canonically violent characters and requesting not to have any explicit sex and violence. Sorry! I'm a wuss about blood, and detailed sex scenes are just not my cup of tea. Please keep everything PG-13?)

- Josh-centric gen: something exploring Josh's Jewish identity. (If you take this one on, please know that I'm Jewish myself.) It can be general fluff like Chanukah at the house (bonus if Josh cooks!) or something from his past. Or, if you want a more specific moment, I thought that it was a Huge Character Thing that he stopped wearing his Star of David after he came back from his wolf-fugue, but the show never did anything with that. Why did he stop wearing it? Also, I always mildly shipped Josh/Sally, so that would make me extra happy.

- Cracky crossover! Josh goes on Masterchef; hilarity ensues. How does he deal with the other contestants? What awesome thing does he cook to impress the judges? How does he deal with being away from his roommates? And what does he do when there's a challenge on the full moon?

3. Bunheads, Any Character

I'm so sad that this show got cancelled! Please, tell me more about the girls' stories! The core friendship among the four girls is one of my favorite things about the show, so I'd love an ensemble-cast story that features that relationship and shows how it develops as time goes on. How does their friendship change as they get closer to graduating high school? How do they deal with having to leave home and each other? What are their plans for the future?

If you want to focus the story around one girl, Boo is my favorite. I'd really love a story that shows her gaining confidence, either in her dancing ability or another aspect of her life. And, what happens when her new sibling is born? What happens in her relationship with Carl?

I'd be happy with a romance between two of the girls, but it's not mandatory.

4. Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Gigi Darcy
Gigi is one of my favorite characters from LBD because of the way she grows through the story, overcoming her past abusive relationship, finding ways to assert herself, finding her own identity and her own path in life. I'd love a Gigi-centric story set at any time after the end of LBD; after Welcome to Sanditon would be even better. Where is she now? What is she doing? How has she grown?

Bonus for appearances by Lizzie and/or Jane! I'd especially like to see how Gigi gets along with Jane - they're both very sweet and slightly submissive, and they've both changed a lot over the course of the series, but they're actually not that much alike, and I'd love to see an exploration of those two characters together. (But no romance between Gigi and Jane, please; I like to think that Jane is happy with Bing.)

5. Corner Gas/Cthulhu
Yes, this is a weird one :)

A few years ago, when I was living in Canada, I got hooked on Corner Gas. Love the wacky small-town atmosphere; love the way that nothing really happens; love the weird mix of love and hate that everyone has for each other.

And then I saw a car from Saskatchewan, and noticed that their license-plate motto was "Land of the Living Skies."

"Wow," I thought. "That sounds kind of Cthulhu-esque."

Which planted in my brain (er, not in a literal Cthulhu sort of way) the idea for a Corner Gas/Cthulhu crossover. Eldritch and squamous monsters invade Dog River; hilarity and madness ensue.

…and that's as far as I got. I could never actually think of a story to go with the idea.

So, please, Yuletide author, help me find the other half of that idea, and fill in that story!

General Preferences

1. PG-13, please - no explicit violence or explicit sex. No physical or psychological torture. No non-con or dubcon. No relationships between adults and teens. No incest. No violence against children. No abusive relationships. No humiliation. (Seriously, I can't even watch The Office because humiliation makes me cringe so hard.) And please, no 'they act like they hate each other but that's actually because they're in love,' unless that's already been established in canon. I want "no" to mean "no."

2. Romance is awesome! Non-canonical relationships are fine, as long as they fit with the characters as they've already been established. I really want the characters to continue acting according to the personalities that we've seen. So, to take examples I mentioned above, in Lizzie Bennet Diaries, it would be really implausible for Jane Bennet to be dating anyone except Bing Lee, but the Bunheads girls are always splitting up and pairing off again.

3. Genfic is also awesome! While I like romance, and I like exploring the possibilities of new relationships, please don't feel like you have to mention romance - I love genfic, and most of my requests are pretty gen.

4. Plot is awesome! I much prefer plotted stories over character studies or strings of snippets. I'm really not a fan of the Five Things structure - please, give me a single continuous story! I also love good dialogue, which is another reason why I prefer plot - it offers more opportunities for good dialogue than internal meditations do.

5. My favorite fics are stories that feel like another episode of the show or another chapter of the book. I absolutely love it when authors can re-create the tone of the original, and I'd very much prefer stories that try to do that.

6. On the other hand, crossovers are also awesome! As you can see from the other stories I've liked in Yuletides past, I think they offer opportunities for some really great creativity. If you can see an opening for a crossover in one of my requests, that would rock. Do you want to put the Bunheads girls at Hogwarts? Go for it! Do you want to explain that missing time for the Sleepy Hollow and Being Human characters by having Macey and Jenny investigate werewolves Nora and Brynn? Even awesomer!

And, once more, thank you! I'm really touched and flattered that you're writing this gift for me. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

--ladybird97, aka thelittlestbird on AO3
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