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Dear Purimgifts Writer,

First of all, thank you! It is awesome that you're writing gifts for me. Here's a guide to my likes, dislikes, and wishes. They're fairly brief, in keeping with the guidelines of the exchange, and they mostly have to do with which characters are my favorites. But if you're the kind of author who likes more details, all of my Yuletide requests and recs are public, which should give you some more ideas about the kinds of stories I like.

Basic Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Gen. Humor. Lots of dialogue. Lots of plot. Bechdel-passing. Romance. Strong friendship. Stories that fill in missing scenes. Stories that focus on religion. Crossovers - I've suggested a few, but if you see an opportunity for one that I haven't mentioned, please go for it! I adore crossovers.

Absolute Do Not Want: Explicit sex or violence. Rape, non-con, dubcon. Incest. Humiliation. Sexual relationships between adults and teens. Violence against children, child abuse, or other children-in-peril. Misogyny, homophobia, and other bigotry.

Would Rather Not Have: angst, death, the Five Things structure, plotless character studies, AUs.

OK If You Want: canon-divergent 'what if' plots, stories suggesting that characters with unspecified religion are actually Jewish

Specific Requests

Once Upon A Time: I totally ship Aurora/Mulan. I'd love a story about them getting together, or about Aurora saving herself and/or Mulan from some sort of peril. Or, something Ruby-centric - I was disappointed that she faded to the background after S1, and I'd love to see a story focused on her. Maybe something in the Enchanted Forest pre-Storybrooke, in which she uses her wolf abilities to help others? Or something exploring the relationship between Ruby and Granny, or the friendship between Ruby and Snow White.

Being Human: something that engages with Josh's Jewish identity. It can be fluff like Chanukah or another holiday at the house, or something more serious like the question of why he stopped wearing his Star of David after he came back from his wolf-fugue. Or, I'd love a cracky crossover: Josh goes on Masterchef; hilarity ensues. I mildly ship Josh/Sally, so that would be cool too, but I'm fine without it. Or if you're not into Josh, I'd also love a Nora/Brynn story that fills in that time when they were offstage together. (My Yuletide letter has more detailed requests if you're looking for more inspiration.)

Leverage: Anything Parker-centric, in which she gets to kick butt and solve problems. I'd especially love to see a story set post-show that shows what she's like as a leader, but during the show is good too. Some Parker/Hardison is cool - not mandatory if you don't want to include romance, but please don't pair Parker off with anyone else.

Babylon 5: Ivanova! I'd love something about her relationship with Talia and Psi Corps: struggling with her mother's legacy, trying to move past it, building her friendship with Talia. Or, if you want to come at it from a different angle, I also love Londo, G'Kar, and Delenn, so something with one or more of them in it would be great too.

Bunheads: Boo is my favorite, but I'd be happy with anything exploring the core friendship among the four girls. Maybe something post-show, in which they deal with going away to college? Or a Buffy crossover - what if one or more of the girls were called as Slayers?

Lynburn Legacy: Holly/Angela post-series, or anything Holly-centric. I'd love to see her grappling with her family history and/or her identity as a sorcerer. Or, anything with Holly interacting with the core group of friends - I love the witty banter of the group as a whole.

Buffy: Anything Willow-centric. Post-series would be awesome, but I'm not really into the Willow-Kennedy relationship. Or, if you'd prefer to do a post-series story with a more ensemble cast, that's great too - I'd love to see what the world looks like with so many Slayers in it.
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