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A few more Yuletides: what I managed to read before the server went all wonky on me...

Temeraire and Middleman (powerchord!) )
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First, happy birthday [ profile] karakara98! I still miss the time when we were roommates, sometimes. You're a wonderful friend, and I hope you have an excellent birthday!

Second, here are some more Yuletide recs!

Slings and Arrows, Nation, one sublime and one ridiculous Beowulf, Brother Cadfael, Settlers of Catan (yes, really!) and an AMAZING chanson de geste )
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It is SNOWING! We're getting a blizzard tonight, and it's already started coming down pretty hard. I was going to spend today running around seeing Laura and Judy and the kiddies, but it all ended up getting condensed into the non-snowy morning and early afternoon. I still had a lovely time with all of them, but it was more rushed than I had wanted it to be. There will be kiddie pics as soon as Judy and Mike send me copies!

Also, I have had an amusing embarrassment of riches in the gift department. Laura's parents and Judy both gave me ice-cream makers! So now I have two! I will make a lot of ice cream, I guess :) Anyone else out there with ice cream makers - if you have favorite recipes, please send them my way!

I've also been making a dent in this year's Yuletide. I've only managed to get through about half, and haven't even looked closely at that half, so if I've passed over one of your favorites (or one that you've written!) I apologize. I'll get to it sometime in the next couple days, 'cause I'll have plenty of reading time while I'm snowed in!

Here are some recs of what I've read so far:

A Study in Emerald, Dark Tower, two extremely unlikely and amusing crossovers, and more! )
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Ah, an evening of inertia and playing on the internet. So I have more Yuletide recs!

It looks like there's no Narnia this year? Sad! Yuletide always made good Narnia fics. Anyway, here's the best of the rest!

Temeraire, Middleman, Unusuals, and Like Water for Chocolate )
I'm sure I'll have more as soon as I finish going through other people's recs. But for now, enjoy!


Dec. 29th, 2009 04:22 pm
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I am HOME. In MY APARTMENT. In MY LIVING ROOM. With MY MESS that very much needs to be cleaned up! But it is still MINE.

The way to survive visits to my mom's, apparently, is to leave when I still feel like I haven't spent enough time there, and to play lots of Scrabble.

There was lots of downtime yesterday, though, so I went through a ton of Yuletide fics. Here are some more recs!

Flash Forward, Mad Men, Shakespeare, Lord Peter Wimsey, Quantum Leap, and more! )
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I'm sloooowly making my way through the Yuletide archive. Oh wow, there's some great stuff this year!

When I get back from running errands with Mom, I'm going to start digging into those Flash Forward fics. In the meantime...

...Anastasia, Slings and Arrows, Dark Tower, Secret Garden, Coupling, some excellent and nepotistic Brother Cadfael, equally nepotistic and excellent Three Musketeers, and more! )
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I was supposed to do a whole bunch of useful stuff today. I did some of it. But mostly I sat around and read Yuletide Treasure. So that's what I'm posting about :)

Many recommendations: two Sherlock Holmes crossovers, two stories relevant to my dissertation, two Middlemans (Middlemen?), a brilliant Bridge of Birds, Jeeves and Wooster, Slings and Arrows, and many more )
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I have just enjoyed an afternoon of lethargy and fanfic, in my own house. I am about to enjoy an evening of cooking and more lethargy, probably with Netflix. Woo!

I've made it once through the Yuletide Treasure collection of fanfic. I certainly didn't read everything, 'cause a lot of them are fandoms that I know nothing about, and some (like the fairy tales ones) just have too many for me to even begin to try sorting through them. And I skipped some even for the fandoms that I enjoy, because I'm not into NC-17 stuff.

With that in mind, here's the best of what I found:

Coupling, Narnia, Thursday Next, a completely brilliant A Study in Emerald, and more )
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I'm home!

By which I mean, not the place where my mom lives, but the place where I live, where my stuff and my kitchen and my books and all of my glorious mess live.

I survived the last day with Mom by becoming the Super-Volunteer. Oh, I'll go run that errand! I'll go pick up the pizza for lunch so that you can keep working on reorganizing your closet! Look how helpful I am! I'll do anything...that will get me in my car and away from the house!

Now that I am home, I have lovely long lists of things that I need to do, and I am doing them. Yesterday, I went shopping for all the things I needed but didn't get as presents. Next on the docket: get a birthday present for Aiden, who turns 3 today. Happy birthday, Aiden! [EDIT: Success! I have obtained a tyrannosaurus hand puppet. He's going to love it!]

In other escapist news, I have been enjoying reading the Yuletide Treasure stories, a collection of fanfics in various realms written as anonymous Decembertime gifts for people. I'm not a serious fanfic reader by any means (which is not to disparage those who are, just to explain that I've barely scratched the surface of what's out there), and not all fanfic is my cup of tea. But I've found a lot of stuff that I liked in this collection of stories. Things I Liked: Slings and Arrows, Coupling, The 4400, Time Traveler's Wife, and more! )


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