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I'm home!

By which I mean, not the place where my mom lives, but the place where I live, where my stuff and my kitchen and my books and all of my glorious mess live.

I survived the last day with Mom by becoming the Super-Volunteer. Oh, I'll go run that errand! I'll go pick up the pizza for lunch so that you can keep working on reorganizing your closet! Look how helpful I am! I'll do anything...that will get me in my car and away from the house!

Now that I am home, I have lovely long lists of things that I need to do, and I am doing them. Yesterday, I went shopping for all the things I needed but didn't get as presents. Next on the docket: get a birthday present for Aiden, who turns 3 today. Happy birthday, Aiden! [EDIT: Success! I have obtained a tyrannosaurus hand puppet. He's going to love it!]

In other escapist news, I have been enjoying reading the Yuletide Treasure stories, a collection of fanfics in various realms written as anonymous Decembertime gifts for people. I'm not a serious fanfic reader by any means (which is not to disparage those who are, just to explain that I've barely scratched the surface of what's out there), and not all fanfic is my cup of tea. But I've found a lot of stuff that I liked in this collection of stories. Things I Liked: Slings and Arrows, Coupling, The 4400, Time Traveler's Wife, and more! )


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